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My enjoyment of art started in my school years in Malaysia where I was enrolled in the arts stream. I loved to draw portraits of my favourite film stars and landscape. This love continued in my early adulthood after migrating to Australia in 1969. I dabbled in art throughout my successful careers in health and administration.  Bringing up two children and working was a full time job.
My inspiration to turn art into a later career came after admiring and examining Old Masters paintings during many trips abroad. Much of this travel was spent in galleries with my patient husband. I had many historical favourites including the French, American and Spanish impressionists. I have also been fortunate to have many great teachers from various art schools, together with international and Australian workshops. My first was at what is now called the National Art School. Other notable schools were Julian Ashton and the Royal Society Art School where I trained in the classical tradition.
What started as a hobby has blossomed into a passion for expressionist contemporary style, beginning in 2009. My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature. Its subtle tones can lead me to bold and expressive works that are soft and atmospheric. Although proficient in acrylic, ink and charcoal, my preferred media are oils and pastels.  They allow me to give vibrant and mixed interpretations of landscapes, seascapes, marine scenes, portraits and still life. I mostly gain inspiration from the beautiful Australian bush and landscapes close to where I live in Ku-Ring-Gai National Park and the Central Coast.  I like to go on walks to experience the smells and sounds of nature. While planning to draw and paint from these scenes, I see underlying abstract patterns while still drawing on a realistic tradition.
The partnership with the viewer still leaves something to the imagination. The spontaneous dance of light and the movement of shadows on the landscape and reflections on water define my subjects. At their best, painting from the heart and with an emotional response to the environment hopefully connects me to the viewer.

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